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In a day, for how many hours,do you practice silence?

#Silence is almost synonymous to construction.Being an inspirational blogger,I’ll suggest you practice silence for at least 30 minutes everyday.If you do this,you will find solutions for all your questions.

Subsequently,to substantiate this,let me tell you that growth always takes place in silence,as vegetation grows fast in the night as compared to day.Our neurons also get energized fast in the night as compared to day.The very big reason for this is #silence.

 #Silence is a very powerful tool.If at any point of time in your life,you are not able to find solution for your problem,just practice this powerful tool #Silence.

How to practice #silence

Early Morning:The best time to practice silence is early in the morning,if possible sit in the room which has good ventilation,if it has green vegetation all around, it will be an added advantage.

You can practice…

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