#Nothing the very common word which we hear and speak  at least once in everyday.Have you ever pondered what this word  “Nothing” is,why it exists?

Actually in this #universe ,whatever we think and imagine,that exists in this universe, yes ! you have read it correctly ,that exists in this #universe but when we are not able to see and receive it then we use the word #Nothing.That means #universe is giving us #everything but when we are not able to see or receive it,we give it a name of #Nothing.

Subsequently,You would be thinking that being an #inspirational blogger, why I am sharing and talking about the word “Nothing” with you.Let me tell you the word nothing is the biggest motivator but it does not motivate everyone.It motivates only those who have the ability and capacity to see and receive beyond the horizon of  vision.

Now, How to do it?

Let me tell you about this.

Never Complain,groan and never be furious if you are gaining “#Nothing”,when you are at the extreme point of nothing,just have a pause there, and expand your horizon of vision.

If you have gained nothing,never conclude yourself as a failure,just understand you are very near to your goal,the only need is to search things keenly around you.You will find the missing link.

If you have gained nothing,never be furious, rather leave your work as it is for a while and feel cool,you will be able to decode success.

Never cling to your failure by saying you have gained nothing rather say, “I am going to achieve everything which is beyond Nothing”.

I am not asking you to share this blog up to the maximum people you can but let me tell you the more you will share it,the more you will reach beyond #Nothing.The more you share , the more diverse opinions you come across.  

There is a big world beyond Nothing. 

I’ll appreciate your comments and questions.

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