Time,a great teacher,who teaches us everything at every point of our life.We all have been assigned limited time to execute our actions.Since our childhood,we have been taught to honor time.

Usually in the race of material attainment,we sometime deviate from the rule.How many times in a day you use this sentence or phrase “I do not have time.” or “No time”.These words indicates poor #time management.Poor time management leads to failure.We all have twenty four hours in a complete day,some are highly successful and managing the business of billion dollars whereas majority of us are fighting hard to avail comforts.

sketch-1456389961990This happens because of big void between execution and planning. Most of us are focused on 9 to 5 job schedule and once it is 5 o’clock, we start thinking,we have done very hard work and want rest. That rest extend sometime in the form of wastage of two,three,four and sometime more than four hours.Once we waste this much of time.We forward our execution of work for next day.This practice slowly slowly takes the form of obstinate habit of wasting  of time.To hide this obstinate habit of wasting of time,we start saying “I do not have time.” and this way we start lying to our self and society; and try to substantiate it to our self that we really do not have time.

You will be amazed to know the first thing a human being learns when he goes to school or college is time management.If you do not believe it than recall your school time,The first thing you were told by your teacher was time table.We have learnt all the courses but lack the important one that is time management.

To manage your time effectively adopt following :

#Make your time table.

#Assign time limit to every task.

#Accomplish your task within stipulated time

#Make time table for both personal and professional life.

#Honor your time table and earn success in the form of #billion dollar

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