With the growth of social media, blog is becoming a big asset. While writing a blog, you should carefully work on it. There are thousands of suggestions to increase the traffic to your blog. Some of these suggestions are effective up to certain extent, some are absolutely vague. I have done lot of research on this and sharing this with my readers to motivate them differently to increase traffic on their blog.

Six effective tips to increase traffic on your blogGraph

Write Real

Never write with the objective of quenching the thrust of writing only: Generally we blog with the objective to increase viewership, sometime to show off our intellect and sometime we just write for the sake of writing.  All these habits do not benefit our blog. However, this habit gives us a dozen of views but do not make us a brand in blogging. If you want to be a real blogger, then write the real content.

Write like a Philanthropist

Before writing a blog, first of all plan the content of the blog, the content should be advantageous for the reader; it should give some benefit to your reader because your reader is investing time in reading your blog. Think through the perspective of reader. Your content should generate the exhilaration in your reader to wait for your next blog.

Insert Photographs if possible

“Pictures express more than words.” When you are writing content of utility, try to relate your content with the practical situation. You can relate your content by inserting the real photographs of the situation. Say for example if you are food blogger, you can insert photographs of recipe. If you are blogging about travel then you can insert photograph of location to be traveled.

Do research before sharing

Whatever content you are writing must be logical, meaningful and factual. The content should not be your imagination. If possible share content which is related to boosting the moral, health, travel, food, hotel, art, culture and educational quotient of the reader. Always ensure the correctness of content.

Post your blog at the right time

Sometime when we post our blog, it does not reach out to the target audience. To avoid this define right time to post your blog. If possible post it for more then once.

Write on trending topics

Do not share your thoughts haphazardly. Observe first, what is trending on social media and what majority of people are talking about. Create buzz.

For more, wait for my next blog.

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