This is in continuation to my last blog on Patience. Now I will discuss with you how to practice the magical word patience. However, this is very easy to say practice patience but it is very tough to do the same. Whenever we are in different mood swings, our patience level is also different. We can say our patience is directly proportional to our mood swings. If we feel happy enough we are excited and will not be ready at all to keep our self calm and cool. When we feel sad we are in bad mood and we do not listen to any one. Both the situations disturb our comfort zone and here starts the actual disturbance.


Sometime in excitement or sometime in low mood swing, we take wrong decisions which leads to poor result and bad life style. As I’ve committed to you earlier that I’ll share with you, how to apply this magical word PATIENCE in your life.


Life = { Excitement +Entertainment}=Bad result

Life = Patience {Excitement +Entertainment} =Good Result

Life = {Low Mood Swing} =Bad Result

Life = Patience {Low Mood Swing} =Good Result

Hence From above equation if you keep patience as constant in every mood swing, result will definitely be good.


Keep trying patience because it will come with practice.


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