We are born to live our life,but majority of us live others’ life.We follow others’ style.We compare our self with others and get impressed by their style.

We forget this, we are unique,there is no one like us on this Earth.We are born to achieve some unique objective.To achieve this unique  objective ,we’ve been blessed with strong,super and powerful inner voice.Majority of us do not listen to it,

We are in habit of Snoozing our inner voice.

We always explore what others have and want?We try to chase and achieve others’ wishes.We never explore what we need and want; for this our inner voice helps and keep on knocking us to achieve whatever we need and want. Wherever,We continuously keep on snoozing it,because we work on how we feel instead of what we want?

Just go back to your everyday schedule and observe how many times you honor and listen to your inner voice.I am sure you do not listen to it,you snooze it before a second or two by these fears,what others will say,what if idea of inner voice do not work best for you.Let me tell you idea of it vanishes after 3 to 4 seconds if you do not act upon it.

Inner voice is your inbuilt strong tutorial made for you only and compatible with your genetic make up to achieve for what you have been born. 


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