On every Friday evening, the whole world starts singing weekend, weekend and Weekend.People start planning for their weekend in search of happiness,relaxation and to live the life in their own way.

Weekend has become a festival for all of us.On Friday evening,people start planning their schedules,some plans parties,some plan long highway drive,some people plan sun bath on some beach.Some people plan to devote this precious time to their family etc.etc.

I had also been doing the same for long,it seriously felt good for some years but repetition-ah! it’s boring!!!!!!!:(

But do you know what’s the good part-    I’ve planned something new and truly amusing.

And it is……………

                                                                        LAUGH ALOUD!!!!!!!!!

I know it’s insane,but it really works,it gives you a kick , an energetic one,which you need to get back to work.

I seriously tried it and made my peers try it too.

And OH,BOY! OH,BOY! It worked amazingly.

Now what you have to do is- Share this post in your acquaintances and tell them to do the same.It’s interesting, isn’t it?

   Let us celebrate “LAUGHING LOUD WEEKEND” this week and make this “WEEKEND GIFT” contagious by sharing it to all. Yes,do not forget to share your experiences with me.

                       LOTS OF LAUGH!!!!!!!! HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

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