Mood swings; a noun to describe one’s life,generally it acts as important parameter to define how our life is?Every day when we start our day,sometime we feel happy and sometime we feel sad,bad,passive or low  in energy.When someone inquires us for our happiness, answer is good mood.

When someone inquires us for our low energy, answer is bad mood.Why this good and bad mood occurs? This is very big question and probably everyone is exploring the answer unknowingly since beginning, because everyone wants to live in good mood.Generally we feel in good mood when our comfort level / zone do not get impacted or it increases,we feel happy or in good mood.

When comfort zone gets disturbed or inverse at 360 degree, we start feeling in sad or bad mood.

Basically Mood swings depends on our comfort zone,if it is perfect than good mood,if it gets disturbed then bad mood.The entire process is called “MOOD SWINGS.” Hence we can say mood swings are directly proportional to comfort zone.

Some people say if you want to feel good mood/Happy,Start your day with happiness.Some people say think positive,they all are correct up-to certain extent.

The secret principle which we have decoded for Mood swing is;do feel comfortable when your comfort zone gets disturbed,it is not at all easy to do this,to make it easy, you need to understand that when your comfort zone is getting disturbed that means you are being launched by universe  for new comfort zone.


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