Very simple word but generate complexities.If you have an interest in old fables based on epics,you would have noticed instructions of those stories which say :If you want to achieve your goal and when you are moving forward to achieve your goal do not look back,neither on any side of you .Try to decode these instructions.

We have decoded them and related them to present day’s execution style.

How they work? Let us see

When you focus on your goal and start your execution, your mind starts giving pop ups in terms of negative thoughts which are some times given by your left brain or by your right brain,that relates to any side and some times your mind takes you back in the past,that relates to looking back,that means your mind creates situations to trap you and if you are focused and face the  situation,you will really achieve your goal.

So whenever there are pop ups or past time recalling; understand you are moving in a right direction towards your goal.Do not focus on pop ups or situation simply face them and succeed.

Hence do not allow the situations to govern you; rather face the situation to govern it.

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