Human being is playing game of life in this universe.Life offers various resources to human being to play this game,but with one condition that during this game you (Human being) will not be exposed with that what is the next move of Life. This means UNCERTAINTY.

Life says Play well,make your rule,play as and when you want to, but one thing I’ll (Life) keep that is secret means you(Human Being) will not be able to know what is my next move.

Here  challenge starts ,some human being start thinking let us acquire knowledge that will make them efficient to know the next move of life,some human beings becomes wanderer with the perception they can understand life’s move better if they collect the information of all places.

Some human being start going deep into the game and get confused with it.

Here is one simple move which can make game of life very simple that move is “GRATITUDE“.Now the next question is how to apply it.

Here is the key:

In the morning when you wake up feel gratitude for  Dawn in your life.

When you start your day feel gratitude for assignments which you are executing.

If some thing of your choice has not happened feel gratitude that you have been kept away from the situation which is not beneficial for you.

In the evening when you go to bed feel gratitude for the complete day.

Gratitude will make your life simple and Happy.

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