To attain success action is required,but majority of population lack this principle,instead of action they keep themselves busy in reaction.If we act,we attain success effortlessly.Now,You would be thinking how one can act without efforts?I am sure you are surprised.

How actions can be effortless:

Generally we see our-self as one body,while doing anything,wherever, we are working with the help of three bodies instead of one.These three bodies are

1)Physical body,which we see our-self as daily.

2) Intellectual body,means our Brain

3) Spiritual body means our energy

Majority of people while working use only Physical body to attain success.Hence their success rate is less.Very less people use the combination of Physical and Intellectual body and their success rate is more than people using only physical body.Very rare people use the combination of the three bodies that is Physical,Intellectual and Spiritual body and those who use the combination of these three, their actions are always effortless because of the alignment of three bodies and success rate of those people is very high.As Physical body perceives,Intellectual body perceives and processes,Spiritual body executes in combination with the universe.

To substantiate this,I just want to take you bit back in the time machine,recall any of your act wherein you have said like this ” Oh My God ! I have not put much of efforts how such a tough task has happened so easily and quickly? If your answer is yes,it has happened with you.It indicates that at that point of time you have worked with your three bodies in proper synchronization  instead of one.If you act with all of three bodies in proper synchronization ,your actions will be effortless and so the success.

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