Time management is the key for assured success.It seems very simple when someone talk about time management,but it is very complex when one apply time management in his daily schedule.

By applying time management you can not only control success,you can measure it too.Everyone says manage your time but none tells how to do it.

Basically it is one task which absorbs the time of another task.It is one person who absorbs the time of another person.

Hence we should do the following to manage time and work properly.

Apply your time management to your daily schedule.
Assign time limit to every task.
Leave the task once the time limit is over for that particular task, that will increase your efficiency for the next day.
Follow your schedule strictly.
Avoid overlapping of the time slots.
Calculate deviation in the evening once the daily schedule is over and improve upon it by following the designed schedule properly.

In case of corporate it can be applied centrally to every team member.For more  you can subscribe to my Youtube channel Rajesh Walecha

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