Life is a transforming process,as per our survey  after every five-year, life of everyone transforms in terms of living,thinking, execution and  psychological standards.

1.We learn today, to fight back tomorrow’s challenge.

Strategy of today can not fight challenge of tomorrow,because in this case strategy will be old and challenge will be new.To fight the new challenge,new dream is required,everyday,every-moment.Dream gives us power,fuel to move and energy to fight back.

2.Use your dream/idea as strategy

Every-moment a human’s brain pop up a new challenge,that challenge gives us fear,if we’ll try to fight out with old strategy,surely we’ll fail.If we’ll fight out that challenge with power of dream we have in our mind that will take a shape of new strategy automatically and will give birth to innovation.Dare to Dream,Dream to dare.

3.Adopt Resilience

If you fail,adopt resilience , stand up and adopt new dream once again.For embracing  success adopt the principle of  “Dare to Dream,Dream to dare”.You’ll be successful one day,For sure.

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